Prop Of The Month “Stretchies”

Time, space, and energy… The root of dance. Every year in my creative movement classes I tackle each one of these items. Today I thought I’d share with you one of the ways my classes explores space through the Prop Of The Month series. The props this month are “stretchies.” At my studio we have […]

Dance Dice

I’m always looking for new ways to explore movement with my littles, and when I first saw this idea on Pinterest (six months ago) I knew it would be a hit. What is it you ask? Movement dice! Seriously, what an awesome way to explore movement, make a game, and even tie in a little […]

Sport Beans are for Dancers Too!

Dancing is hard work! Sometimes in the hight of performance season dancers begin to feel tired, wore down, and just plain exhausted. This leads to pushing the limits which can cause injuries. Take for example So You Think You Can Dance  Season 7. The show suffered from a record number of dropout due to injuries. […]