La Bailarín De Antigua

One night after dinner my housemates at the B&B couldn’t stop talking about this dancer. For the past three weeks, each of them had seen this blonde woman dancing around Antigua. They joked that she never walked, but danced from place to place. They speculated about where she was from and why she was dancing. […]

Dance Around The World – Antigua, Guatemala

I spent three fabulous weeks in Guatemala, most of which were in the city of Antigua. It’s one of the friendlies places I’ve ever been. Literally, everyone young and old will say good morning, afternoon, or nigh to you. Plus it’s beauty is equal to no other city in Central America.   While in Antigua, […]

Dance Around The World – Caye Caulker, Belize

Everyone needs a little vacation and Caye Caulker was the perfect island for some R&R. The island was so sleepy that I didn’t run into much dance aside from at a Rastafarian bar/club. The club wasn’t a place where I could whip out my iphone for a video or pic. However, to give you an […]

Dance Around The World – Campeche, Mexico

Campeche is a beautiful colonial city found in the Yucatan Peninsula. Its history is rich with tales of pirate invasions. Around the city center, the cobblestone streets are lined with sidewalks that rise to the store fronts. In some places the sidewalks are so high above the street that steps have been added. The concrete […]

Dance Around The World – Mérida, Mexico

After a night’s stay on Isla Mujeres, a small island across from Cancun, my dance and world journey began. In the mid-afternoon, my husband and I boarded a very frigid ADO bus for a four hour ride to the city of Merida. Our plan was to visit the famous Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and […]

Dance Around The World

Dance Around The World is a series intends to enlighten serious dance students about the many genres of dance and opportunities available throughout the world. For the next several months, the Offbeat Ballerina and dance educator, Alissa Baird, is traveling to discover what dance has to offer from around the world. She will visit approximately 26 countries […]

No More Makeup Running Down My Face

I always want to look my best, even if I’m sweating all day. But, at the end of a long day my makeup never seems to stay put. From working to teaching, my eye makeup always runs down my face. Sometimes, when I get home, I look like I’ve got two black eyes. That was […]

Sport Beans are for Dancers Too!

Dancing is hard work! Sometimes in the hight of performance season dancers begin to feel tired, wore down, and just plain exhausted. This leads to pushing the limits which can cause injuries. Take for example So You Think You Can Dance  Season 7. The show suffered from a record number of dropout due to injuries. […]

Best Water Bottle

My whole dance life I’ve carried a water bottle to class. You could consider me somewhat of connoisseur, since I’ve tried just about every type of reusable bottles. About five months I’ve began training for the Chicago Marathon and made regular visits to my local running store. Every time I walked in I was drawn to […]

The Best Hair Ties Ever!

    With the active life of a dancer, it’s important to find a hair tie that won’t slip or damage your hair. Lucky for you, I’ve found the perfect one! It’s called the “No Slip Grip – The Evolution Hair Ties” by Scunci. Although they kind of look like a gummy candy treat, these […]