Buenos Aires, Argentina – La Viruta Tango

The more I saw people tango dancing, the more I wanted to learn. After doing some research, I contacted a few places, and decided on La Viruta Tango. They had a class that fit my schedule and for the right price; only about $7 USD! So I threw on some shoes, grabbed my husband, then […]

Dance Around The World – Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I think of tango dancing, I think of love and anger; fight and passion; a women dressed in a long sexy dresses with her hair pulled back in a nice slick bun with a man dressed in all black with hair gelled so tight the guys from Jersey Shore would be jealous; and the […]

Dance Around The World – Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

When my friends and family heard I was going to Buenos Aires, Argentina, they were filled with excitement and immediately mentioned tango. True, it would be perfect for me to experience and write about for this blog, but there was something in Buenos Aires I was more interested in seeing first. “What could possibly be […]