Tutu Anatomy

Look what I found on Pinterest! I’m not sure where it originates, but it’s such a great visual. I had to share.

Who’s Who In The Office

Administration: The backbone of all dance companies consists of a team of arts administrators. This team works together to keep everything running smoothly. From the accountant to the company director, each job allows students, dancers, and instructors to fulfill their passion of dance. In many companies the administrative employees are responsible for multiple departments to […]

Who’s Who At The Studio

School Director: From the front desk to the studio, the School Director is in charge of how the studio is perceived. Setting and keeping the tone is no easy task. School Directors often spend hours carefully planning, listening, and creating new ways to make their school the best as possible.   School Manager: The School […]

Who’s Who In A Ballet Company

Artistic Director: The artistic director of a ballet company is the official dreamer. It’s their job to create, shape, and lead a company. Many artistic directors find their time split between working with the dancers and in the office. They make sure the whole company is staying focused and continuing to achieve their goals. You […]