Dance Around The World – Siem Reap, Cambodia

In all my travels across the world, I had the most amazing experience in my dance life at my final stop, Siem Reap, Cambodia. After three days of exploring Angkor Wat, I finally hit bottom. Six months of world exploration had me feeling overwhelmed. During the preceding months, I saw things that I thought “nothing […]

Dancing With Elephants

I’ve danced in some pretty amazing places for my Dance Around The World project, but I don’t think I can top dancing with elephants in Chiang Mai. Yes, I danced with elephants! While in Thailand, Dan and I visited the Elephant Natural Park. This park is more like a sanctuary for elephants. The organization rescues […]

Dance Around The World – Chiang Mai, Thailand

For the last leg of my Dance Around The World adventure, my husband and I traveled to the beautiful country of Thailand in Southeast Asia. We spent a few days sightseeing in Bangkok and then headed north to Chiang Mai. I’m not going to lie; now that we’re in our six month of traveling, I’m […]

Dance Around The World – Dancing Through Europe

On April 7th my Eurail pass was stamped, and Dan and I had exactly one month to travel across Europe. Considering all the amazing places to see in Europe, we had to narrow down our list of 18+ countries to just 10 for timing. It was a tough decision, but at least we have a […]

Dance Around The World – Madrid, Spain

What dance form incorporates clapping, stomping, castanets, singing, and guitars? That’s right, flamenco. And where’s a better place to see a live flamenco performance than in Madrid! For our six days in Spain, Tim (a good friend of my husband and I) joined us. When we were contemplating what to do, I of course said […]

Dance Around The World – Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a wondrous and unique city with a bit of restrain. As I walked through the souqs and the main plaza, I was surrounded by beautiful art, smells, and music. It seemed to have all the right components for dance. My husband and I stayed in Medina, the historical area of Marrakech. This area […]

Dance Around The World – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dreaming of my time in Brazil, I thought I would be surrounded by Samba dancing, capoeira, and the beach. Well, after spending a little over a week in Ipanema, the only one of these I experienced was the beach. I guess if you’re not there during Carnival, your chance of experiencing dance is low. So, […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina – La Viruta Tango

The more I saw people tango dancing, the more I wanted to learn. After doing some research, I contacted a few places, and decided on La Viruta Tango. They had a class that fit my schedule and for the right price; only about $7 USD! So I threw on some shoes, grabbed my husband, then […]

Dance Around The World – Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I think of tango dancing, I think of love and anger; fight and passion; a women dressed in a long sexy dresses with her hair pulled back in a nice slick bun with a man dressed in all black with hair gelled so tight the guys from Jersey Shore would be jealous; and the […]