Offbeat Ballerina Store Now Open!

I have some exciting news for all of you dance teachers out there… My Etsy store is now open! Over the past few years I’ve been creating and collecting ideas to help my students learn and connect to dance. Now my creations are available to you! CLICK HERE to check out my store and let […]

Tutu Anatomy

Look what I found on Pinterest! I’m not sure where it originates, but it’s such a great visual. I had to share.

It’s Leap Year!

Hope you’re leaping into a new adventure today!  P.S. Yes, that’s me jumping out of a plane!

Dancer Must-Haves – Alyson

Alyson Abriel Salomon is a bay area dancer for both Labayen Dance/SF and the DanceWright Project. Here’s what she had to say about her ballet dancer must-haves: “Sounds silly, but these two products are MUST-HAVES for me. 1. Scunci No Damage Ponytail Holders 2. Scunci Magic-Grip Hair Pins The hairpins are incredibly strong, and you don’t need […]

UDMA = I Love Sugar & Bruno!

Over the weekend I attended UDMA, United Dance Merchants of America. If you’re a dance instructor, I’m sure you know all about this resource fair and costume show. If your not familiar, UDMA it’s very much a dancer / instructor / shoppers dream. As you enter the double doors to the hall, the energy is […]

Dancer Must-Haves – Marlowe

Marlowe Bassett is a member of Napoles Ballet Theaterand is a notable costume designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are her ballet dancer must-haves: “Here’s what’s in my dance bag right now!” Freed Classic Pro Pointe Shoes, they are as close to special order Freed’s that you can get with out special ordering. Lambs wool […]

Dancers Must-Haves – Bob

In continuation of the series, Ballet Dancers Must-Haves, here’s another entry! Soloist for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens De Montrea, Bob Deskins explains his must-have… “I could not live without my lululemon studio 2 pants. Yes they are made for women butthey are perfect for any dancer. I love they way they fit. They keep me warm but […]

No More Makeup Running Down My Face

I always want to look my best, even if I’m sweating all day. But, at the end of a long day my makeup never seems to stay put. From working to teaching, my eye makeup always runs down my face. Sometimes, when I get home, I look like I’ve got two black eyes. That was […]

Dancers Must-Haves – Graham

I’ve been on the search trying to find what ballet dancers just can’t live without. My results were so entertaining and informative, that I’ve decided to make the ‘Ballet Dancers Must-Haves’ a continuing series. I hope you enjoy! Recently I asked the talented Co-Artistic Director, dancer, and costumer, Graham McMonagle, of Canadian Pacific Ballet what […]

Custom Leotards

Leotards have come a long way in the last decade. From the fabrics to style, there’s something for every dancer. However if you’re looking for a leotard that’s got more personality, you’ve got to check out In Class Dance Shop. Before the dotcom boom, you could only get their custom made leotards by visiting their […]