Choreo appAlright dance teachers, I’ve stayed quiet long enough. I’m finally ready to unveil my best kept choreography secret. Are you ready!? It’s an iPad app called Chore! Here’s the link, CLICK HERE! Seriously, it’s the best $9.99 I’ve ever spent on an app.

Why I love this app…

1. It’s intuitive. From the moment I opened the app I was able to navigate and start creating.
2. I can easily see my formations, and watch them flow one to the next.
3. You can say goodbye to rehearsal drama. As soon as my class begins to erupt about  counts or who stands where, I just open my app, and the discussion is over.

There are a few elements I wish I had a little more control over when it comes to organizing and notes. However, I can say this app has substantially changed my  teaching, rehearsal, and choreographic process for the better. In fact this app has really excited my students too. They love clicking through the formations and seeing how I notate.

Now quite wasting your precious time… Go buy Choreo!