ColoringOne of the first things I teach my littles is right and left. Here are some fun ways to help your students learn their right from their left.

1. Use a sticker

Placing a sticker on their right foot is a quick and easy way to help the kids identify their right and left.

2. Do the Hokey Pokey

That’s right the Hokey Pokey! However, I use dance terms as I sing…

Tendu your right foot out, and bring it back in. Tendu your right foot out, and shake it all about. Do the Hokey Pokey and bourrée around. That’s what it’s all about. Saute! Saute!

3. Traveling

Place a paper with a “R” on stage right, an “L” on stage left, and down the center of the floor, place a long pice of tape. Then have students stand in one straight line on the tape. Now practice your traveling steps to the right, back to the center, and to the left. Make sure to call out the direction and have them start with the correct foot!

4. Make an “L” with your left hand

This one can be a little difficult for some students to grasp. Show your students that their left hand makes a “L” when you point your index finger up and your thumb to the side.

5. Trace your Hands

Click on the link below to see the homework sheet that I pass out to my students. This is a fun way to get the parents involved with what we’re learning in class.  Right & Left Worksheet

Happy Learing!