Ready or not, classes are about to begin! This year I’m teaching 22 classes ranging from creative movement to pointe 3. Hmmm… That’s probably just over 200 students!!!

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Do I love my job? Hells yes!

Am I afraid of tackling that many class? Nope, not at all!

This year I’ve decide to bite the bullet and invest in an iPad. An iPad might not be a solution for everyone, but the nerdy-tech-geek in me can’t imagine any other way to organize myself. Since I’ve gotten my new toy, I’ve discovered so many cool apps that have already helped my get organized for the upcoming year. Here’s a few I’m using and suggest to you, my fellow nerdy-tech-geek-dance-teachers!

Teacher Kit

Hello, this app is genius! I love it because I can take attendance, take a picture of my students (to help me remember all 200+ of their names), keep a profile with their info, and I can send emails directly to the students or parents. This app has everything you need to keep all of your class organized. And guess what my friends, it’s free!



I love this app because it I can put exactly what’s in my head in one place, and reorganize it too! Right now I’m using it to create my syllabi. I can write notes, make checklists, insert pictures, tag, and add reminders to make sure I don’t forget anything. Now I can keep track of exactly what I’ve taught, still need to cover, and edit. It’s amazballs! If you decide to invest in this level of organization it will cost you $4.99… But don’t worry, it’s worth it!

Tempo SlowMo

Tempo SlowMo

Ever since I switched from CD’s to an iPod, I’ve had tempo issues. Now instead of trying to find another slower 3/4, I can use my handy-dandy Tempo SlowMo app! This app is so easy to use and even better… it’s free!

I’ve downloaded a few more apps that I believe will make my teaching life easier. As I use them I’ll share them with you. But until then, do you all have any apps you can’t live without? Don’t be shy, share!!!


May the force be with you,


P.S. Dan (my husband) if you’ve read this post… Surprise, I bought an iPad!!!