Where I teach, the creative movement classes are 50 minutes long. Personally, I think this is the perfect amount of structured dance time for my littles. Today I thought I’d share with you how I structure and time manage my creative movement classes. Of course this is a rough estimate. Depending on the lesson, there might be some fluctuation or overlap. But in a nutshell, this is how it goes…

Class Breakdown


I typically take 5 minutes in the beginning of class to allow students to trickle in, take attendance, and I ask my question of the day.



For the next 10 minutes we warm-up our bodies. We start with isolating and articulating different parts of our body. Then I sing a song that makes us move more aerobically. Once warm, we practice balancing and then we stretch a little too!


Across The Floor

Next we spend about 15 minutes practicing steps (skips, gallops, chassé, etc), dynamics (smooth, sharp, etc.), and small combinations.


Story / Song

The next 8 minutes of class may vary depending on the lesson. I may read them a story that we act / dance out the books plot or I teach them a song that’s accompanied by a dance.



In this 10 minutes chunk of class we get creative with props and our imaginations. I lead the students on an improvisational journey, have them perform, and sometimes we play dancing games.



For the last few minutes of class, my students and I clean up. Then I ask the kids a question about what they learned. Lastly, we do a goodbye dance followed by a reward stickers… if they’ve earned them 😉


This break down really works for me and my students respond well to the structure. It comforts them to know what’s coming next. Even though the movement or activity might change they understand the pattern. With that said, sometimes classes get chatty, sleepy, or everyone has to go the bathroom at the same time. You just have to take a deep breath, get creative, and steer them back.


I hope my class breakdown has given you some ideas. If not, at least you know how my brain works. Haha!