I’m always looking for new ways to explore movement with my littles, and when I first saw this idea on Pinterest (six months ago) I knew it would be a hit. What is it you ask? Movement dice! Seriously, what an awesome way to explore movement, make a game, and even tie in a little dance history (Merce Cunningham / chance dance). I’m so excited to use them in class. The creative possibilities are endless!

Here’s how I made them…

  • Materials:
  • 6 Hollow blocks from Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • 6 different colored  sheets of foamies
  • Glue (I used rubber cement)
  • Sharpie
  • Can of soup


  1. Trace the block 6 times onto each of the foamies sheets
  2. Cut out the squares
  3. Write or draw the actions onto the foamies squares
  4. Glue foamies square onto the block
  5. Place a can of soup to give weight to help set the glue and square in place
  6. Repeat until all squares are set

Here’s what I put on each block…

Block 1:

Pathways – Straight, curvy, zigzag, spiral, circle, square

Block 2:

Emotions – Happy, sad, angry, confused, silly, surprised

Block 3:

Insects / Animals – Butterfly, snake, frog, monkey, crab, cat

Block 4:

Energy – Strong, flow, direct, soft, fast, slow

Block 5:

Actions – Gallop, turn, skip, march, hop, chassé

Block 6:

More energy – Roll, float, explode, freeze, shrink, grow