On April 7th my Eurail pass was stamped, and Dan and I had exactly one month to travel across Europe. Considering all the amazing places to see in Europe, we had to narrow down our list of 18+ countries to just 10 for timing. It was a tough decision, but at least we have a reason to go back and see more later. Because our trip was so quick, sometimes only having a few hours in a city, I wasn’t able to see or take dance classes. However, I was able to film my project. Below is a little recap of my dance/filming adventures through Europe.



Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia – First time really dancing in a crowded place. I was nervous that security was going to stop me, but no one did. Dancing in the cathedral was a very surreal feeling. I’ll never forget looking upwards while dancing and feeling such a sense of spirituality, purpose, and peace. I was meant to dance.
Casa Batllo & Parc Guell – What can I say, Gaudi was an artists. I had to dance with his architecture. After the cathedral, I danced on the roof of Casa Batllo and danced in the Guell Park, too.


I was able to see some amazing flamenco dancing. To read about it, click here!
My favorite memory of filming in Madrid took place outside of the Museo Nacional del Prado. Part way through filming, a balloon artist, dressed as Edward Scissorhands, stood in the frame. It took all of my power to keep dancing and not get distracted by the strangeness.

San Sebastian:

It was beautiful, but I had to dance in the freezing cold rain.



I was super excited to tour the Paris Opera Theatre, but it was closed for rehearsal and no one was permitted to see the theatre. Bummer! I did get a few pics of the building. I guess I’ll just have to visit Paris again 😉
If you know anything about the history of ballet, you should know about Louis XIV. I just had to visit his spectacular palace of Versailles. In honor of ballet, I filmed my dance there, too. In fact, I filmed in two different locations at the palace.
I also filmed at a few other iconic Paris destinations. I bet you can guess which ones!



I new exactly where I wanted to film in Amsterdam because I’ve visited once before. One was near a windmill, and the other in front of the I AMsterdam sign. Funny, while filming near the sign a big tourist group got in the shot. They watched and took photos as I performed my piece.



I filmed my dance in some for the most iconic places in Berlin including the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag. I remember that it was a very cold and windy day. I danced, but my body sure wasn’t agreeing with the temperature.


It was very difficult to find an iconic place to film my dance because there were so many people and not enough dancing space. I did manage a few locations, but nearly every shot has someone passing between me and the camera.



First time in Europe I filmed and had an onlooker ask about why I was dancing. Usually people watch, a few will take pictures, but most glance and keep walking.


Wow another difficult city to dance in! There’s so much beauty, but it was hard to capture where I was dancing. The buildings were so massive they wouldn’t fit in the scene.



Lucked out and got an awesome shot in between rain showers.

I danced a few places in Ljubljana. My most favorite was on a bridge that had all these cool sculptures and love locks that covered the bridge.


Finally decided how my project would begin! Progress is being made.

I got my first round of applause by some viewers. I was filming underground Diocletian’s Palace and didn’t even realize a crowd was watching. Following my dancing one of the viewers even danced his way into the space. I guess I inspired someone.

Wow such a beautiful city!!! I must have danced on every corner of the fortress. At every turn the view seemed to get even more impressive. Personally, I was having a “bad dancing” day, but there’s bound to be something usable for the project.


We arrived in Belgrade very early in the morning and the city was still very quiet. For the first time in a while, I was able to do my dance in full without being interrupted by someone walking through my dancing space.


Biggest disappointment while trying to filming… For the first time on this trip, I was told I wasn’t allowed to dance. Not once, but twice! I did however get one shot without being stopped. And by the way, the one shot… the crowed gave me a “Bravo!” At least some people in Athens appreciate dance.


Danced between the two most beautiful sights in Istanbul the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque.

While I couldn’t dance underground, I did find some spectacular Star Wars like landscape.

It was a long and tiring month, and totally worth it! I was able to dance in every city we traveled. I experienced dancing in so many conditions: rain, cold, heat, rocks, hills, sand, and cliffs. It wasn’t easy, and sometimes I did have a bit of an attitude. But, I learned as I went and danced in places that I will never forget.

Leaping from city to city,

The Offbeat Ballerina

Next stop Thailand!