Everyone needs a little vacation and Caye Caulker was the perfect island for some R&R. The island was so sleepy that I didn’t run into much dance aside from at a Rastafarian bar/club. The club wasn’t a place where I could whip out my iphone for a video or pic. However, to give you an idea, groups of people sat together carrying on conversations while gently swayed or bobbed their heads to the beat of the music. Although there was a dance floor, no one was motivated enough to get out of their seats.

The island is truly a place for people to relax with its double meaning mantra “go slow.” In fact, I bet most of the dancing that has ever happened in this island was performed by yours truly. Along with my “Dance Around The World” project, I’ve built in a challenge / personal project for myself. I’ve decide to choreograph and document my performer everywhere I visit. Below are a few screen shots from the project. You can expect to see the final project hopefully in the summer of 2012.

Dancing to my own drum.

The Offbeat Ballerina